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Soft Silicone Handcuffs - Available Colors: Black, Pink & Red

  • $19.99

The next time you and your partner are engaged in bondage, keep them under control with these Soft Silicone Cuffs. These simple cuffs not only look great, but feel comfortable for extended wear. 

This item includes 2 Padlocks, 4 Keys and 1 Removable Chain Total. All items are shipped discreetly in unmarked packaging.

Item Specifications:

Available Sizes: Small (5" to 7.5") or Large (7.5" to 9.5" Max)
Available Colors: Black, Pink or Red
Cuff Height: 2.25"
Chain Length: 5.5"
Model: 2107
Material: Soft Silicone
Includes: Two Silicone Cuffs, Two Padlocks and Four Keys Total

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