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Invisible Women's Chastity Cage - Black 35.4-39.4 Inch Waist

  • $99.99

Metal and silicone chastity belt / chastity cage for women that is effective, while assuring complete comfort for long-term usage. The sensation is a familiar feeling of wearing thongs or panties.

This female chastity belt gives women full control against undesired vaginal sex penetration anywhere, or during BDSM sex play, as one needs a key to open a locked chastity belt to access the vagina.

This Invisible Chasity belt has many uses!

Restricting vagina sex to your male partner during sex slave play
Wearing for fun, or sex/slave and BDSM play
Lock and key enabled, so you or your master / dom can be keyholder.

Not noticeable when worn under normal clothes, so it goes completely undetected.

Chastity belt features

•Features a lock and key system
•Comfortable to wear and hard to detect with most outfits.
•Material - Stainless Steel and silicone
•Size Adjustable 35.4 inches to 39.4 inches Waist sizes
Weight - 1.1 pounds

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