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Gloss Black Elliptical Anklet Legiron Locking 898-BK

Size Guide

Gloss Black Leg Irons  Set of 2

Matches our Gloss Black Collars and Wrist Cuffs

One set of (two) Stainless Steel Black Finish Elliptical Legirons Restraint. Includes two Allen Drive keys and two screws. Daywear, wearing 24/7 will cause this item to fade or chip.

Cuff Thickness: 8mm

Inside Diameter Comparison:

8.25" Version: Long: 3.0", Short: 2.25""
9.0" Version:
 Long: 3.25", Short: 2.5"

10.5" Version: Long:3.75", Short 3.0"

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