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PU Leather Lockable Straight Jacket- Adjustable Size

  • $29.99

PU Leather Straitjacket Restraint. This is a new item and closes into multiple size positions. Fits most adults.

This item features Long-sleeved arms which cross in front and secure through a vertical loop located near chest, before being buckled on the back of the straitjacket. A crotch strap prevents from pulling the straitjacket over head.

This handcrafted item is made of PU Leather. 

Item Specifications:

Size: Adjustable
Total Length: 25"
Width (Shoulder to Shoulder Seam): 19"
Max Arm Sleeve Width: 8"
Features: Adjustable Buckle Straps, Lockable. Padlocks not included.
Color: Black
Material: PU Leather
Model: 2112-OS

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