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Can You Incorporate Sex Toys Into a Vanilla Relationship

October 08, 2023 4 min read

Ever gazed at the vast array of colorful, intriguing, and sometimes mystifying objects in a sex toy store and thought, "Is that for us?" If your relationship has mostly stayed in the realm of the 'vanilla' meaning traditional or straightforward intimacy, you might be curious if there's room for these playful additions. 

The exciting news? There's a world of pleasure waiting to be explored, even for the most classic couples. Join us as we unwrap the potential of introducing sex toys into your vanilla relationship, ensuring both fun and connection.

Why Should You Consider Sex Toys?

While the term "vanilla" is often used to describe traditional or straightforward sexual practices, it doesn't mean that these relationships lack depth, excitement, or room for exploration. Introducing sex toys into a vanilla relationship can be a transformative experience. 

Every individual's body is a unique map of erogenous zones. Sex toys can help couples discover new pleasure points or intensify the sensations of known ones. This journey of discovery can lead to more satisfying intimate moments.

Even the most passionate relationships can fall into a routine. Introducing a toy can be a fun way to change things up, add variety, and create anticipation and excitement. Also, some couples might face physical challenges, such as limited mobility, endurance issues, or other conditions that can affect their intimate lives. Sex toys can offer solutions, ensuring that both partners continue to enjoy a fulfilling intimate relationship.

Sex Toys for Beginners

If you're looking to introduce sex toys into a more traditional or vanilla relationship, it's essential to start with options that are non-intimidating and easy to use. Here are some beginner-friendly sex toys suitable for those new to the experience:


Dildos, often seen as the cornerstone of many adult toy collections, might seem like an audacious choice for couples rooted in traditional or 'vanilla' intimacy. However, they can serve as a bridge to deeper emotional and physical connection when introduced thoughtfully.

Dildos come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, allowing couples to explore a range of sensations and find what resonates best with them. A dildo can provide different types of stimulation, from deep penetration to targeted G-spot or prostate pleasure. For couples where one partner might have issues with stamina or erectile dysfunction, a dildo can be a helpful tool to ensure both partners experience prolonged pleasure.

Pet Play Toys

Pet play, a niche within the BDSM world, involves role-playing where one participant takes on the role of a pet, while the other adopts the role of the pet's owner or handler. Pet play offers a structured environment to explore dominance and submission, making it easier for partners to communicate boundaries and comfort levels.

Whisker ticklers, fur mitts, or sensory wheels can introduce new sensations, heightening arousal and building anticipation during foreplay. You can also use collars and leashes to introduce an element of control, guiding movements and adding a symbolic layer to the relationship dynamic.


Being restrained, even lightly, requires a significant level of trust. It's an act of letting go, surrendering control, and placing oneself in the hands of another, which can be deeply emotional. Ensuring the restrained partner feels safe and comfortable can foster a sense of care and responsibility in the other, amplifying the trust between both.

Introducing restraints can bring a new dimension to intimacy, helping couples break away from routine and explore uncharted territories together. Exploring new forms of intimacy together can create shared memories and experiences that strengthen the bond between partners. 


You don't need to be a seasoned kinkster to incorporate them into your intimate routine. Even in the coziest vanilla relationships, the gentle caress or light tap of a soft paddle can unfold layers of connection and sensation previously unexplored. The cool touch of a leather or satin paddle against warm skin can send shivers of anticipation.

Using a soft paddle encourages partners to discuss limits and desires openly, setting the stage for mutual trust. For some, a gentle spank can offer an emotional release, a brief escape from daily stresses. Taking turns in guiding the paddle allows couples to play with control dynamics in a light and consensual manner, empowering both partners in different ways.

Cock Rings

Cock ring stands out as a versatile tool, beneficial not just for those venturing into kink but also for couples in vanilla relationships. By restricting blood flow, cock rings can help sustain erections, potentially prolonging intimate sessions and allowing both partners more time to enjoy the experience.

With different materials, designs, and vibrating options, cock rings can introduce a fresh dynamic to a couple's intimate moments. Some cock rings also come equipped with clitoral stimulators, offering shared pleasure during intercourse. The mutual benefits of the ring can result in more synchronized climaxes or simply a feeling of being more attuned to each other's pleasure.


In the market for different types of sex toys to upgrade your vanilla relationship?Browse our collection for a variety of collections!

Do you have any bondage kinks? Tell us your bondage fantasies. Feel free to comment anonymously. We would love to hear from you.

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