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What are Sex Handcuffs?


Handcuffs are a device used to shackle the hands of prisoners by the police, but people with kinks and knowledge of BDSM have a different meaning of handcuffs. Nevertheless, handcuffs are really popular in BDSM and are one of the essential accessories for bondage.



Types of Handcuffs in BDSM


It doesn’t matter if you are involved in BDSM or not; we all have at least once fantasized about being handcuffed in bed with our partner. Handcuffs make you discover a new side of pleasure that is so heavenly that you will always keep wanting more. There are different types of handcuffs in BDSM, and today, we will help you to explore some of them. The three most popular styles include chain, hinged, and rigid bar handcuffs. Chain handcuffs are something you'll find very familiar with because they are widely used in the culture. Hinged handcuffs are used by couples who want to practice more resistance. Rigid bar handcuffs are made to experience both comfort and pleasure.



How to Choose Suitable Handcuffs?


Choosing the right handcuffs is easy, and you only need to keep these tips in mind. Choose handcuffs with soft edges and corners so that they won't give you bruises. Whether you choose single-lock or double-lock handcuffs, make sure they are easy to unlock. Finally, try looking for an adjustable size to avoid discomfort while playing with it.



Importance of Communication and Consent in BDSM


Like any other relationship, the first rule of BDSM is communication and consent. Try to be open about your kinks and fantasies with your partner, and always ask them if they are comfortable experimenting with anything new. If you find any discomfort while experimenting with any activity, whether related to BDSM or anything else, make sure to be aware of your partner and discuss everything to maintain a healthy relationship.



How to Safely Use Handcuffs During Sex?


Handcuffs are kinky and the most exciting thing you can incorporate in your sex life to spice up your relationship. There are many ways you can safely involve handcuffs during intimacy, but you only have to take care of a few things. Firstly, use the handcuffs meant to be used as sex toys because they are adjustable and easy to use. Next, ensure your handcuffs are tight enough not to slip off easily but not so tight to leave bruises on your wrist. Finally, set boundaries and choose a safe word with your partner while practicing bondage restraints or handcuff play. Handcuffs can help you experiment with many different roles play like pet play, so you can tie your partner to a bed or chair and tease them as much as you want in the sexiest way.




  1. What is the purpose of double-lock handcuffs?

A: Double lock helps you to lock the cuffs down. It prevents closing the cuffs too tight on the wrist.


  1. Is it possible to use handcuffs and leg restraints together?

A: Yes, it is possible to use handcuffs and leg restraints (REF; leg restraints) together. It will add more pleasure to your intimacy.


  1. Are hinged handcuffs better?

A: It depends on your personal preference, but hinged handcuffs are shorter, which reduces the extra movements for