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Puppy Play Meaning: 

Puppy play is the sub-section of  pet play in  BDSM, where one of the partners behaves like a human puppy, and the other one dominates him. Puppy play is common in the gay community, but this is a kink that every couple can experiment with. 

Pony Play Meaning:

Pony play is the part of pet role-play where one partner behaves as a  pony or horse while wearing the  harness or straps. The other partner can play the role of their master or trainer. 

History of Puppy and Pony Play

The history of pony play traces back to 1900, and there is literary evidence that you can find regarding the same context where people used to perform  pony play with their partner and ride their back. Although, the puppy is not modern either. The history of puppy play is old as the 17th century. It was not popular for many years, but that doesn’t mean people won’t use to practice them.  Puppy play got popular in the 1900s, and now it is mainly famous and familiar. 

Types of Pony Play and Puppy Play

There are many types of pony play, and some of the sub-categories of those role-plays are rare too. Pony play is a lot of fun, and there are many kinks and activities you can experiment with pony play, including cart ponies, riding ponies, and show ponies. Similar to pony pet play, puppy play also has a lot of types that you explore with your partner. Some of the famous types of puppy play include the show dog, top dog, pet dog, and guard dog.

How to choose suitable equipment for Pony and Puppy Play?

Puppy and pony play are both super fun and can be more enjoyable when you have the right equipment. Therefore, going for good quality accessories is recommended to avoid any trouble. Many kits and  adult toys are available in the market that will help you take your pony or puppy play to the next level. While choosing the kits or any accessory, make sure it is made with good material that won’t affect your skin, and also take all the safety measures while using these sex toys. You can also incorporate other adult toys in the play, such as  gags can be a great addition, and you can also use  butt plugs as a tail. Some of our most popular equipment for pet play includes  pony play gag,  silicone dog bone gag, and  dog tail butt plug.

Importance of Communication and Consent

Some people objectify playing pets in role-playing because they think of it as animal sexualization, but the best part about pet play is the consent you can get at every step with human pets meanwhile, which is not possible with animals, so both are totally different things. You must communicate with your partner about your expectations for the pony or puppy play, and you should decide on all the limitations in advance. Decide on a safe word in advance so your partner can stop you if they feel any uneasiness during the pet play.

How to incorporate Puppy or Pony Play in your BDSM practice?

Puppy and pony play are both most suitable for BDSM, and there are many ways to incorporate these kinks into your BDSM practice. You can play as a pony, and your partner, being the master, can train you or ride you. For puppy play, you can be a training puppy or a loyal dog, and your partner, the owner, can punish you or reward you when you fulfill or do not fulfill their command. You can also practice your fantasies during puppy or pony play without hesitation.