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Pet play is one of the most famous kinks of role-playing in BDSM, where one partner behaves as a pet, and the other performs as their master or owner to discipline them. Some examples of pet play are pony play and puppy play.

How does Pet Play work in BDSM?

Pet play is common, and people involved in BDSM must have desired this at least once or more in their relationship. Although, you don’t have to be an expert in dom and sub relationship to practice pet play. Pet play is an exciting way to express yourself to your partner in a unique way. It usually depends on the pet you have chosen to perform, and then you can continue the character accordingly. You can also include accessories such as a BDSM collar, bondage gag, and BDSM whips.

History of Pet Play

Pet play has a history from ancient times when people adopted an animal persona in bed. There is also evidence of rituals with the same culture. The modern history of pet or puppy play comes from the recent times of slave and master relationship in dom and sub equation. Now the pet play is mainly influenced by kinks, persona, costuming, legends, and fiction play.

What are the different types of Pet Play?

Pet play dynamics usually depend on your chosen pet's character and interest in the animal. You can also incorporate your favorite kinks and bondage activities into the pet play. However, there are many types of pet plays, so you must choose the one you like the best to continue. Some famous pet plays include kitten play, where you dress up as a kitten or cat and behave accordingly. Puppy play, where you dress up as a dog and obey your master as a good puppy. Piggy play, where the sub plays the piggy, and Pony play, where the partner performs the role of horse or pony for their master.

How to choose Pet Play Equipment?

Pet play is fun, mysterious, and sensual, and you can do a lot of experiments with it. However, to experience different kinks, you must have the right accessories or adult toys. While choosing the accessories for pet play, you should keep the pet in mind that you or your partner are looking to play with. Always choose accessories of sustainable and good quality. Discuss your fears and concerns to avoid selecting the toy you won’t be using. You can experiment with any adult toys you like based on your fantasies as long as you keep the safety measures in mind. Some of the famous pet play accessories are Stainless Steel Pussy Clamps, Bondage Silicone Dog Bone, and Pony Play Horse Tail.

Safety Considerations during the Pet Play

Pet play can help you explore your relationship with your partner even more. However, it is essential to follow all the safety considerations while practicing any role-play or pet play. If you find your partner uncomfortable with any equipment or activity, make sure to stop immediately. Healthy communication is key to perfect pet play, so always discuss the preferences and expectations with your partner. Make sure you both have a safe word to communicate during the play. Always use good companies' accessories and adult toys to avoid any skin disease or infection.