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Dildos Meaning:

Dildos areadult toys specially made to be put inside the vagina, mouth, or anus. Dildos come in different sizes and variations, but they are often shaped like a penis. 

Straps On Meaning:

Strap-on is the sexual practice inBDSM which includes harnesses and dildos. Straps on usually used by dominants on their submissive.

History of Dildo and Strap On

Dildos and strap-ons have an ancient history of nearly 30,000 years. There are also pieces of evidence of dildos looking like objects in the past that were used for sexual preferences. There were also Egypt artworks depicting the same concept. Adult toys were often kept hidden because of the fear of humiliation and embarrassment, but now they are widely famous, and anyone gets access to it without fear of being judged. 

Types of  Dildos and Strap Ons

Dildos and strap-ons can lead you to experience the best sensation and sexual experience. There are multiple types of dildos and strap-ons you can use based on the kinks and fantasies you are looking to practice with your partner. Some of the popular strap-ons includePegging Strap with adjustable harness,lockable ring gag with leather strap, andAlien lifelike Silicon Dildo.

How to find the suitable Dildos and Strap On?

Dildos and straps on are the best combinations to heat up your sexual relationship with your partner. It is essential that you find a suitable strap-on for yourself to experience the best pleasure. While choosing the strap-on, make sure to get the right size so it can stand still against your body. The strap-on is supposed to feel secure and fit well. Along with the strap-on, it is also essential that you have the right dildo for it, so make sure to get the right size of dildo based on your and your partner's preferences. Make sure to get a dildo with the right silicone material, which is easier to clean and maintain. 

How to incorporate Dildo and Strap On in BDSM?

The dildo and strap-on are not limited toBDSM only. They can be used by anyone who fantasizes about it. Pegging is really popular in today's culture, and there are multiple ways you and your partner can use it during BDSM activities. It is usually used by women with their partners so they can have the feeling of being the dominant one. Strap-on also works great for anal sex. 

Importance of Communication and Consent while using Dildo And Strap On

While using any kind of dildo and strap-on, make sure you have your partner's complete consent with each activity or kink you are planning to do duringBDSM play. Discuss the type of dildo and strap-on you are wanting to start with, and also discuss the limitations and expectations you both have. Always decide on your safe word so your partner can use it to stop you if they feel uncomfortable at any step.


Dildos and straps are fun and help to revive your dull sexual life, but it is also important that you only use them when you are confident about exploring them and not because of the popular pegging trend. Make sure your partner is equally interested in the process for the best experience. Lastly, never share your adult toys with anyone for hygienic and safety purposes.