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The gag is usually a piece of cloth put in someone's mouth to refrain them from speaking. In the BDSM context, the gag is a device couples use for sexual bondage and BDSM role play. In the dominant and submissive relationship, the gag is usually worn by the sub.



History of Gags in BDSM


BDSM gags are relatively safe and fun to play with, but gags are considered scary because of their not-so-good history. Gags' history traces back to 1500 AD when the dentist used gags in medical fields while performing operations on mouths. Back in 1560, gags were used for torture and humiliation. In the late 1800s, mouth gags evolved with new variations. Eventually, people started using gags for their kinks, and they turned up as a part of BDSM.



Types of Gags


Gags are exciting and fun to play with, and you can experience different kinks using them. However, there are some types of gags that you should know about to choose the most suitable gag for yourself.


Ball Gag


Ball gags are one of the most famous types of gags. Ball gags usually have a ball made of silicon or plastic that goes inside your mouth and is held by the strap. Ball gag comes in different ball sizes, which you can choose according to your requirement.


Open Mouth Gag


The open-mouth gag is a unique kind of gag used by couples in BDSM while having access to the mouth. The open-mouth gag refrains your partner from closing their mouth at all. One of the most suitable open-mouth gags is



Bit Gag


Bit gags are gags with cylindrical tubes for people who have a small mouths. Bit gag refrains the sub from speaking. Bit gags are enjoyable to use. Bit gags are suitable for prolonged wear to add more intensity to your bondage play.



How to Choose the Perfect Gag?


Choosing the right gag is not tricky, and you can easily select the most suitable gag by keeping some tips in mind.


  1. Discuss with your partner and decide the type of gag you both want.
  2. Make sure your partner has no health issues that will affect them while using the gag.
  3. Choose the suitable material your partner will find comfortable putting in their mouth.
  4. Choose the comfortable gag size for the most exciting and comfortable experience.



Consent and Communication while using Gags in BDSM


This is very important that you communicate with your partner and also decide on some safe action to replace the safe word, as you might not be speaking during the play to help your partner to give a clear signal of when to stop. You should also ask for consent for every action or kink you're planning to do to ensure that your partner will be comfortable with it or not.



How to incorporate Gags into Sexual Life?


Adding a gag to your will take your sexual relationship to another level. Using a gag might seem complicated at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it. For example, in a dominant and submissive relationship, the submissive is supposed to put the gag in their mouth, and the dominant is supposed to adjust the straps of the gag behind the ear of the submissive. Once the gag is settled, the dominant can start asking the sub questions, and as they cannot speak, this will create some interesting teasing. You can also begin to role-play, such as pet play or anything during the gag play to make it more exciting.





Similar to different adult toys like bondage collars, handcuffs, and plugs, gags are also an essential part of BDSM. Gags are enjoyable to use, and once you get comfortable with them, you can experience a lot of kinks. Lastly, always clean your gag after and before using it to maintain hygiene.