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Chastity Meaning:


Chastity play is the type of BDSM that stops a person from masturbating or having sex. In the BDSM role-playing context, chastity means abstinence from sex or masturbation at any time. Couples in Chastity use different adult toys to enforce it.



CBT Meaning:


Cock and Ball Torture in BDSM is a kinky and restrained play on the testicles and penis. Couples involved in CBT get pleasure through physical pain; for some, it requires humiliation to enjoy their fantasies to the fullest.



History of Chastity Devices


In the BDSM world, kinks is not always about having sex. Sometimes, it's all about restraining it and locking your genitals inside a metal key to which only your dominant has access through a key. Chastity device history traces back to medieval times when the knights used to lock their beloved in metal devices before heading to their jobs. The Chastity devices were also famous during the Victorian times, and there are many chastity devices you will find in the museums as evidence.



Psychological and Physical Effects of Chastity


Men experience hormonal arousal after the first-week orgasm, and it also increases testosterone and other hormones. It also affects them psychologically as they experience the wait for their next ejaculation. It increases their sex drive, and you’ll become the object of their desire if you have their chastity keys. This makes the submissive slave worship their dominant due to their increased urge.



How to Practice Cock and Ball Torture in BDSM?


There are many different ways you can practice cock and ball torture (REF; cock and ball torture) with your partner. Various techniques of cock and ball torture involve spanking, hitting, hot wax play, urethral play, and many others. In addition, many different accessories will help you to make your CBT experience better, including a bondage testicle stretcher, evil ball crusher and presser, chamber chastity cage, and others.



Consent and Communication in Chastity and CBT


Consent and communication are the base of BDSM, and you can do nothing without them. Chastity and CBT require full consent and an open conversation about your fantasies, likes, and dislikes. You should discuss everything in advance about the techniques and toys you are looking forward to incorporating in bed so both of you can enjoy the pleasure without any inconvenience.



FAQs about Chastity and Cock & Ball Torture in BDSM

1. Is cock and ball torture risky?

     A: Cock and ball torture has some risks, but they can be easily taken care of if you take basic precautions.

2. How to take care of your Chastity and CBT devices?

     A:  Chastity and CBT devices are easy to maintain. You should always clean the devices before and after using them and store them in a safe drawer.

 3. What is male chastity?

      A: Male chastity is when male genitals are captured in a device (REF; cock and ball torture) to refrain him from having sex or masturbating.

 4. Where can we buy chastity devices?

     A: is one of the most reliable online store to buy high-quality chastity devices and any adult toys.