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What are Spreader Bars?

The spreader bar is the equipment used forBDSM. It is a metal or wooden bar with attachment points forbondage cuffs at each end. They are used during different bondage activities to hold apart knees, wrists, or ankles.

How Spreader Bars are used in BDSM?

Spreader bars are usually used to keep the arms or legs apart. Spreader bars are widely common, and couples use them for differentbondage activities as a form of restraint or as a position enhancer. The spreader bars make the sub vulnerable, leaving them with sexy helplessness in front of their dom. Spreader Bar provides a lot of freedom to get creative in bed, and you can also incorporate them with handcuffs,paddles, and many other adult toys.

How to find the right Spreader Bar?

A spreader bar is also known as abondage bar if you are looking to find the most suitable bar for yourself. Here's how you can find it. If you are a beginner, try looking for the spreader bar, which is adjustable so you can start practicing with a short gap and then eventually increase the gap when your partner gets comfortable with it. Always choose the spreader bar made with strong and comfortable material so it won't break or damage during play. 

Types of Spreader Bars

There are multiple types of spreader bars, and you can use them according to the activities you’re looking to practice during the BDSM. You can explore the spreader bars based on your and your partner’s preferences. Some types of spreader bars include wrist spreader bars, rigid spreader bars, neck to wrist spreader bars, and handcuffs spreader bars.

Importance of Communication and Consent for using Spreader Bar

Communication and consent are the keys to BDSM; whether you are playing any activity or playing with anyadult toys, it is mandatory to communicate with your partner and take full consent of all the kinks you're planning to do during the play. Spreader bars need a lot of responsibility to handle and should only be used if both partners are comfortable exploring them.

How to incorporate Spreader Bars into your sexual life?

The spreader bar can help you experience an intense orgasm, and there are many different ways you can use it, such as you can have your legs strapped on the bar. You can bend using the support of any table or sofa, providing easier access to the dom. You can also try spreader bars while lying and keeping your legs in the air; your partner can carry on from that point. Some of the popular spreader bars are Rigid spreader bars,Stainless steel spreader bar, andWrist bondage spreader bars.


Spreader bars are fun to use, and you can explore many kinks using them. The spreader bar gives you the right feel and sensation of BDSM. However, it is important to take all the safety measures while using it. To maintain hygiene, you should also clean and sanitize your spreader bar before and after using it.