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Nipple play is the part of BDSM play that includes touching, sucking, and rubbing on nipples during sex. This could be done by hand, and you can also use nipple clamps for the purpose. 

How to stimulate nipples?

Nipple play can make you feel a great erotic sensation; sometimes, it can even lead to orgasm. However, there are some techniques that will help you to stimulate your nipples even better.

  1. You should try brushing the nipples using your fingertips, and you can eventually increase the pressure according to your partner's liking.
  2. Pinching the nipples also help, and you can gently yank them towards you.
  3. Sucking the nipples feels heavenly, so you should run your tongue over them nipples.
  4. Well, you already know that tongue can do wonders in BDSM play, and licking is one of that, try licking nipples along with kissing around the neck, and your partner would love that.
  5. Biting is one thing you won't want to miss, so ask your partner if they're okay with it and then go for it without any worries. 

How to use Nipple Clamps during Nipple Play?

Nipple clamps are a great way to add more heat to nipple play. Similar to plugs and collars, nipple clamps can also be a fantastic addition to your BDSM kit. Nipple clamps don’t only squeeze or pinch the nipples but also restrict the blood flow for a unique feeling. Nipple clamps are easy to use. First, you need to warm up the mood by sucking and touching the breasts, and then nipple clamps will quickly stimulate the nipples. Once you have them on, you and your partner can enjoy them during different activities in sex.

How to incorporate Nipple Play into Sex

Nipple play gives the pleasurable pain which is often associated with BDSM, but even if you are not into BDSM, you’d still love nipple play. Nipple play is as enjoyable as vaginal play and can also be used as the main sexual activity. You can also use nipple play as foreplay, and if you are in a bondage relationship, then involving the pain in nipple play would bring you exceptional pleasure.

Safety Considerations while practicing Nipple Play

Safe nipple play is easy, and you don’t have to take many precautions. Just make sure to keep some tips in mind. If you are doing nipple play for a longer duration, try using some lubricant to avoid irritation. If you are exploring nipple play in BDSM, make sure that your partner knows the safe word, so they know when to stop. Lastly, if you are using nipple clamps for nipple stimulation, then make sure they are easily removable. Some of the good options for nipple clamps are breast nipple clip clamps, butterfly nipple clamps and adjustable nipple clamps with chain


Nipple play can bring you sensation and great pleasure. If you are using the nipple clamps, do not leave them on for more than 10-20 minutes, and then you can eventually increase the time according to your and your partner’s mood and preference. Always discuss the expectations and limitations with your partner in advance, and you are good to get into the action.