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Plugs are widely famous in BDSM. They are used for unique sensations and to feel the pleasure of intense orgasms. The plugs are easy to insert, and their use can increase the intensity of sex between you and your partner. 


History of Plugs in BDSM

Many people usually fear plugs, and the main reason is they never use them. However, the people involved in BDSM adore the plugs because of their multiple uses. Plugs have a history of over many years. Plugs were used for medical purposes in the 1930s, and some people get aroused by them. In the late 1970s and '80s started becoming part of bedroom activities, and people started using them for sex and bondage activities. Since then, plugs have evolved and are now commonly used by people for different purposes in bed.

Types of plugs

There are different types of plugs with other purposes you can use with your partner for the dom and slave relationship. Some of the famous types of plugs are butt plugs, anal plugs, and penis plugs. Some of the good options for plugs include an anal locking butt plug, a blue glass butt plug, and a pony play horse tail butt plug.

How to choose the right plug for BDSM?

Plugs are versatile, providing you with many areas to explore your inner desires with your partner, and that's why it is essential to choose the right plug for yourself. While selecting the plug, make sure it is high-quality for safe use. Cheap plugs are often made with chemicals and unreliable material, which can harm your skin. Using a high-quality sex toy will give you the confidence to put it around, in, and on your genitals. If you are a beginner, start with a suitable size for yourself and do not end up buying the bigger size. 

Communication and Consent for using Plugs during BDSM

Plugs might seem scary to some people initially, but once they start using them, it will completely change their point of view. It is important that your partner also wants to explore plugs and you are both on the same page. Discuss the type of plug (REF; butt plug) you want to start with, and also discuss the limitations and expectations you both are having. Always decide on your safe word so your partner can use it to stop you if they feel uncomfortable at any step. 

FAQs About Plugs

  1. Are plugs safe for sexual activities?

A: Plugs are specially designed to keep safety measurements in mind, so they are safe to insert and put on your genitals.

  1. Can beginners use plugs for BDSM?

A: Beginners can easily use plugs. For starters, they are recommended to pick a size that's easy to insert and use.

  1. Can we use lube for inserting the plug?

A: Yes, you can use any good lube for inserting the plug.

4: Where to buy good plugs?

A: You can find good-quality plugs online at


Plugs will introduce you to another dynamic of BDSM, and it will be great fun for you and your partner to explore them during your BDSM or bondage activities. Make sure your partner is equally interested in all the kinks you are planning to explore during the sexual activity, and you'll be ready to experience intense pleasure.