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The paddle is asexual toy which is usually made of wood or leather. Paddles are often used in BDSM for spanking and punishment. 

Types of Paddles

Spanking paddles are high-sensation sex toys and can introduce you to a  whole new form of pleasure. You can use different types of paddles for various sensations during sex play, such as leather, wood, silicone, and teflon. Some of the popular paddles are2-layer thick circle inlay paddles,braided rigid spanking paddle andwood spanking paddle.

How to choose the right Paddle?

Spanking paddles or floggers are used inBDSM by the dominant to discipline a sub. Spanking paddles are made with different materials, and not all paddles are made for beginners. Do your research to get yourself the right paddle. Choose the paddle based on the intensity your partner expects for spanking. Some of the paddles also come with spikes, so choose one according to the pain you can endure.

Are there any safety precautions you should consider before using paddles?

Paddles can bring impact play to another level. They can be fun and forceful, soft and sensual, or both at the same time! Various paddle materials can create completely different sensations.

Importance of Communication and Consent during Paddling

Communication and consent are the essential keys of BDSM. Whether you are playing a scene or playing with adult toys, it is mandatory to communicate with your partner and get full consent of all the things you are planning during play. Your impact fetish can be fully explored with a paddle. 

How to incorporate paddles into BDSM?

Paddles have the great potential to up your senses during BDSM play. Incorporating the paddle into BDSM is fun, and you can use it for different scenes and roleplay activities. For example, a dom can punish and discipline a sub using paddles in a d/s relationship. Paddles are usually hard implements. If you want to start out soft, start with whips.

How to clean and maintain the paddles?

The paddles are easy to maintain and clean, similar to the other adult toys. However, if you use the spikes paddle, you’ll find cleaning them a little complicated. Paddles can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water to kill the bacteria and should be dry with a soft towel. You can keep them in a box and store them in a safe drawer for prolonged use. 


  1. Do BDSM paddles have spikes?

A: Not all BDSM paddles contain spikes. Some have holes, bumps or ridges.  

  1. What are paddles made of?

A: Paddles are available in different materials, such as teflon, wood, and leather. 

  1. Where to buy reliable paddles?

A: You can find reliable and good-quality paddles at