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Impact play is the BDSM practice that involves one person striking their partner with hands or using some adult toy. It is practiced for sexual gratification with the consent of both partners.

Why do people get involved in Impact Play?

Impact play might sound a little intimidating at first, but this is a beautiful practice done with the consent of both people in the BDSM relationship. Couples practice impact play because they get to define the intensity of their relationship with little taps, spanking, and much more. 

History of Impact Play in BDSM

There is evidence of impact play from centuries ago, but the impact play got real hype from the early 1800s. The same interest followed the subsequent centuries and got popular in the 20th century.  There is a lot of literature based on spanking culture and photography. Today, impact play is a common sexual fetish, and both partners enjoy it based on their comfortable intensity.

What are the different types of Impact Play?

Impact play is not only about pain, but it brings sensation and pleasure. There are many different types of impact play, and some of them include spanking, slapping, flogging, and caning. You can use your hands or some toys for these purposes. Some recommended accessories to use during Impact play are the rainbow ultimate cat claw scratcher, leather spanking paddle and cat nail claw scratcher. In addition, these accessories can also be used for different role-plays such as pony play and puppy play.

Tips to Use Impact Play Toys Safely

Impact play is one of the best sensation play to practice. You can use many different impacts play toys during the act. Always use the toys on the body with a high fat to avoid extreme pain. Discuss the toys' limitations and expectations with your partner so you can go with the flow without hesitation. 

Safety precautions during Impact Play

Develop a safe word with your partner that you can use during the play, so it will be easy to communicate if any of you wants to stop in between. Next, decide with your partner how gentle and extreme they expect it to go. If you are using any toys, try using them on your body first to get an idea of the intensity, and then use them accordingly. Lastly, always start slow and gradually increase the intensity with the flow while taking your partner's consent.

Importance of Communication and Consent during Impact Play

Impact play requires a lot of communication and consent. Make sure to communicate with your partner about all the activities and kinks you want to explore during the play. Never do any action before asking for full consent. If your partner is unsure about anything, avoid it. Also, communicate with your partner after the impact play to ask them how they are feeling and if there is anything they would like to change for the next time.

FAQs about Impact Play

  1. Does impact play has to be extreme?

A: The intensity of impact play totally depends on you and your partner. You can keep it gentle or extreme, according to your preference. 

  1. How to maintain the tools we used during Impact play? 

A: Always clean the accessories you use before and after use and store them safely. 

  1. Can we do any role-play for Impact play?
A: Role-play is a great choice; it will help you get in the right mood. You can practice different role-plays such as pet play.