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Puppy play is the sub-section ofpet play inBDSM, where one of the partners behaves like a human puppy, and the other one is the master. Puppy play is common in the gay community, but has become mainstream for all genders in recent yers. 

History of Puppy Play

The history of puppy play is dated to the 17th century. Puppy play got popular in the 1900s, and now it is popular and even public. People wear different costumes and accessories during puppy play and utilize them as a part of the role-play. 

How to practice Puppy Play?

Puppy play is based on the preferences and desires of the couple involved in thepet play. You can practice puppy play however you like, and some of the activities can include training the puppy as their master and drinking water as a puppy from a bowl. You can also involve leashes,collars, and otheradult toys as a part of puppy play.

What are some different types of Puppy Play?

Popular types of puppy play include show dog, which involves pretending to be a prissy dog and responding to specific signals and commands. Puppy, where you act as a cute little puppy to get your owner's attention, and Pet Dog, which includes behaving as a loyal dog and being affectionate to your owner. 

How to choose the right Puppy Play Accessory?

Having the proper accesssories helps to get in the right headspace for puppy play.  There are multiple accessories you can use for puppy play, such ascollars,whips, andbutt plugs. You can also find the kits for puppy play, including all the essentials. While choosing any adult toy, make sure your partner is equally interested in exploring that accessory and always choose good quality products for safe pet play. Some popular accessories for ideal puppy play include aleather puppy play dog mask,glow in dark butt plug, andpuppy play kit

Psychological Aspects of Puppy Play

If you ever wonder about the reasons people get involved in puppy play it is not only physical pleasure involved but there are also physiological factors that make the puppy play significant. It is a great escape to get to be a dog for a day. Pet play can also work as therapy and stress relief.for some.

Safety Considerations During Pet Play

 Puppy play will introduce you to a new dynamic with your partner. It is essential to follow safety considerations while practicing any role-play or pet play. If you find your partner uncomfortable with any equipment or activity, make sure to stop immediately. Healthy communication is key to perfect puppy play, so always discuss the preferences and expectations with Fido. Make sure you have a safe word to communicate termination of play in case of any discomfort.