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What are butt plugs?

The butt plug is a sex toy specially designed to be put in the anus for sexual pleasure. Butt plugs are one of the mostpopular types of plugs in BDSM. 

How to use Butt plugs?

Butt plugs are easy to use. Unlike different sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs remain in place during sex, and their wide base also prevents them from going in too far. Butt plugs are often used to prepare the anus for sex, but there are also many other uses.  Start with a smaller butt plug, and then go for the bigger one when you get used to it. Anal plug and penis plug can also be used for this purpose. 

Safety Precautions while using Butt Plugs

Safety should be your first priority while using any adult toy. That's why it is important to take all the safety measures before using any dildos, vibrating sex toys (REF; vibrating sex toys), or plugs. You should use the butt plugs with good material as it will deduct your chances of getting any infection. Use a good lubricant to avoid any irritation. Try using a flare-based plug so it won't get stuck. Always sanitize your adult toys before and after using them. 

How to incorporate the Butt Plug in BDSM?

While butt plugs are the source of extreme pleasure, they can also be incorporated into your BDSM or bondage activities. Butt plugs can be used in a dom and sub relationship for anal training or with a tail for pony play. Butt plugs are more enjoyable when your body is relaxed, so make sure to use them only when you are comfortable. 

Types of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are preferable for different role-plays such as puppy play or pony play. Butt plugs are available in different types and styles, and you can use them based on your desires. Some of the recommended butt plugs are dog tail butt plug, blue glass butt plugs, and locking butt plugs.

FAQs about Butt Plugs

  1. Are butt plugs easy to insert?

A:  Start anal training with a smaller butt plug and then work up to something larger. Generous amount of lube are always recommended.

  1. Can the dominant wear the butt plug?

A: It totally depends on your preference. Both dom and sub can wear a butt plug.

  1. Are butt plugs only used for anal sex?

A: Butt plugs are not limited to anal sex, double penetration can also be a real turn on.


Butt plugs are fun, and you can get pretty creative using them. They can also be used to discipline your sub during BDSM. They provide variety for exploring your kinks and fantasies. Using them while considering safety precautions is also important. Consensual sex is the best sex!