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Whips are an adult toy used in Impact Play They are used by people who enjoy spanking, whipping, and slapping in their BDSM and bondage activities.

Uses of Whips

It is not mandatory that you should be deeply involved in BDSM to use whips in your sexual life. If you enjoy a little spanking, you can also introduce whips to your bed. For the initial stage, you should only use the whips with the body parts with muscles and high fat. You can also practice with whips on the pillow and then introduce it to your partner so you have a clear idea of the intensity you are looking for. 

History of Whips

Flogging is quite common, and enjoyable because of the great sensation and unique combination of power and vulnerability. The history of flogging is traces back to the 14th century when people started enjoying getting flogged during intercourse. The idea became more popular in the 16th century, and there were artworks made depicting flogging for pleasure. The delightful and sometimes painful feeling of getting whipped during BDSM pla

Types of Whips

There are different types of paddles and whips for different kinds of sensation. Various whips include floggers, rigid whips, and crops. Some of the recommended whips for these categories are black leather flogger whip, rigid black hand slapper whip, and leather whip crop spank paddle.

Safety Considerations while Using a Whip

 For the dominant, it is important to only use a whip on the body parts with most muscle and flesh, such as thighs and butt. Discuss the intensity of the whipping or flogging with your partner before play. 

Importance of Communication and Consent for using the Whips 

Similar to the paddles , when you are engaged in an impact play , you must communicate and have the full consent of your partner during use of whips.  Decide on a safe word so your partner can stop anytime if they are uncomfortable during the activity. 

FAQs about Whips

  1. Are whips safe to use?

A: Whips are safe to use, but you should be considerate initially because it takes little time to get used to them.

  1. Can whip only be used for BDSM?

A: Whips, paddles and spanking devices are often used in BDSM and have become mainstream for pleasure seekers.

  1. Where to buy reliable whips?

A: You can find sustainable and high-quality whips at