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Pony play is the part ofpet role-play where one partner behaves as apony or horse while wearing a harness or straps. The other partner can play the role of their rider or trainer. 

History of Pony Play

The history of pony play traces back to 1900, and there is literary evidence that can be found regarding the context that people used to perform pony play with a partner and ride on their back. Pony play evolved with modern times, and now there are many accessories andadult toys you can use for pony play.

Types of Pony Play

Pony play has become popular over recent years, and there are various kinds of pony play.  Types of pony play include Riding Pony, which includes the master riding the back of a pony boy or girl. A show pony that has extensive training in work and dressage and a cart pony that pulls a cart. Ponies can be on two legs or four legs.

How to choose the suitable accessories for Pony Play?

Pony play requires some accessories and toys to help you get in the character and practice your moves smoothly. You should consider some tips when choosing the equipment for pony play. While choosing the kits or any accessory, make sure it is made with good material that won’t affect your skin, and also take all the safety measures while using these toys. Some of our best selling accessories for pony play includePony Play Horse Tail,Horse Bit Silicone Mouth Gag, andPony Play Bit Gag.

Safety Considerations During Pony Play

 Pony play can help you explore your relationship with your partner. It is essential to follow safety considerations while practicing any role-play or pet play. If you find your partner uncomfortable with any equipment or activity, make sure to stop immediately. Healthy communication is key to perfect pony play, so always discuss the preferences and expectations with your partner. Make sure you both have a safe word to communicate during play

How to incorporate Pony Play into BDSM?

Pony play is one of the best role-plays for BDSM as it sets a mood to explore new limits. You can practice different BDSM activities during pony play, such as usingwhips on your pony. Pony play will help you to get into BDSM roleplay, and you’ll also gain the confidence to try different equipment and accessories to be galloping down the street in style. 


Pony pet is just fun as any otherpet play all you need is to be open to your partner about your kinks and fantasies. Always wash and sanitize your BDSM accessory before and after using and you should always discuss all the limitations and boundaries with your partner and make sure that every action or activity you practice is completely consensual.