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Chain-Link Hamburg-8 Snap Shut Handcuffs KUB-128

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Heavy duty kink deserves heavy duty handcuffs. Feel the weight of these nickel-plated brass Hamburg lock cuffs and let your mind run wild! A high gloss finish makes these cuffs a showpiece for any metal bondage lover.

Smooth and comfortable for long scenes in the dungeon or parading them around the play party, they will be a class to themselves. Snap shut lock works when speed is your plan, for take down scenes or police-captive role play (or whatever comes to mind). These do not have a standard key, so keep it safe!

Joining the cuffs together are 2 links of sturdy chain and a swivel clasp, securely soldered to the cuff, giving you up to a 4 inch span between your wrists.

Item Specifications:

Finish: Nickel Plated Brass
Chain Length: 3.5" / 8.89 cm
Cuff Thickness (Height): 0.875” / 22.23 mm
Lock / Locking Positions: Hamburg-8 Locks - Snap Shut

Note: Press up on the key to easily release the latch

Don’t forget the matching leg irons!

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