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Ultra Thin Metallic Purple Collar Square Edge Box Jewelry Style Discrete Locking Eternity Collar - Available in Multiple Sizes

Size Guide

Our Newest Design! Our New Design is based on a Cube/Square Edge. This allowed us to go even thinner and create our most Discrete Collar yet and it measures in at 5mm.

When preparing to decide what size collar that you will need to order we recommend the following way to measure: Measure around the thinnest part of your neck and add 1/2-2 inches depending on the fit you are looking for. 1/2 provides for a choker style fit while 1 to 2 inches will for a slight drop below the neck line.  

Item Details:

Collar Height: 5mm
Weight: 3 oz (varies with size)
Finish: Stainless Steel with Metallic Purple Plating
Lock: One Locking Position
Includes: One Allen Drive Key and One Screw
Oring - Does not Include Oring but you can add one!

*They are Safe to wear in the shower Do not wear in salt water, pools, hot tubs.

* Please note that if you are adding Stainless Steel pendants it can cause scuffing and scratching to the surface of the collar This goes for ANY metal jewelry

* Any metal constantly bumped onto or into hard surfaces will scuff, this is unavoidable with ANY metal jewelry. It is your responsibility to care for your items.