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Stainless Steel Posture Collar

Size Guide
Adult Heavy Stainless Steel Posture Collar with Adjustable Head Raising Bar. This item includes one Allen Key, one set of screws and one head raising bar.

With its stunning stainless steel design, this collar demands attention and compliance is mandatory. There is no escape from this collar as it is secured with a sunken allen screw that gives it a sleek, flush appearance.

With the turn of a screw you can raise their head into the position you desire, or remove the bar completely for a sexy statement piece at your next party.

An attached lead ring opens up the possibility of adding leashes, chains, and other immobilizing tools to walk your slave around the dungeon or secure them so they stay right where you left them.

Item Specifications:

Collar Height: 1.625" / 4.13 cm
Average Weight: 2 lb / 0.95 kg (varies by collar size)
Finish: Stainless Steel
Model: 2032-SS
Lock: One Locking Position With Allen Drive Key; one set of screws; adjustable raising bar

PLEASE NOTE: This item is handmade. Measurements are average and can vary up to 10% in size. If you are really close to the upper limit of one size, you may want to select the larger size.

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Size (inside circumference)