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Soft Silicone Open Mouth Gag with Chained Nipple Clamps

Size Guide

A little drooling never hurt anyone, right? This ring gag, consisting of a silicone covered, stainless steel O-Ring, attached to silicone straps that pull the ring tightly into the mouth, keeping it open. Attached chained nipple clamps adds an extra twist to this simple open mouth gag.

The straps can be adjusted as desired, and are secured with a locking buckle. Optional padlock sold separately.

Note: In most cases, the inside diameter of the O-ring will be too small to allow for penetration.

Item Specifications:

Size: Adjustable (from 13" min to 19" max)
Ring Inside Circumference: 4.5"
Ring Inside Diameter: 1.5"
Nipple Clamp Chain Length: 13"
Ring Outside Diameter: 2"
O-Ring Material: Non-Bendable Stainless Steel Ring with Silicone Coating
Model: 2084-STNDRD
Color: Black

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