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The Fun Wand, G-Spot and Prostate Stimulator

Size Guide

The Fun Wand, G-Spot and Prostate Stimulator

An ingeniously designed plaything created to provide endless sensual possibilities, the Fun Wand  offers a shape perfect for combined oral and g-spot stimulation, toy-curling anal endeavors and beyond. In medical grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, the Fun Wand was created to provide a direct connection to the female g-spot or male prostate. Curved into a shallow 'S' shaped arc, the Fun features two distinct points of contact, one at either end. Allowing firm, controlled massage or thrusting with a firm grip on the end not in use, the Fun Wand's thoughtful curviness and noticeable weight naturally applies pressure to the g-spot or prostate.

Length: 8"              

Weight: 14 ounces

The tapered tips:

1 inch in diameter on the larger end

0.75 inches in diameter on the smaller end

The Fun Wand is crafted in high quality stainless steel and the beautiful design is worthy of display on your mantle.

Product Care

Stainless Steel: The stainless steel used in this toy is of a medical grade, and is an exceptionally body safe material. Clean with a damp cloth or boil to sterilize when sharing with a partner. Avoid placing in the freezer, and do not use abrasive cleansers. Stainless steel will warm to the body quickly, or you can play with temperature by running it under hot or cold water.