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Is Your Kink Weird?

September 18, 2022 2 min read

What are some weird kinks to have?

Who can recall a time when sex was simple? You can't blame people for trying to spice things up, but nowadays there are so many strange fetishes that we can't keep track of them all. Sexual fetishism is defined as a sexual attraction to a non-living object or a body part other than the genitals. The object of interest is known as a fetish, and the person who has a fetish for that object is known as a fetishist. Here are a few of the strangest sexual fetishes:

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Is when a person has a strong sexual interest in amputees, they view amputees as objects that they can use to satisfy their sexual desires. They are mostly drawn to the physically disabled because they believe they are easy to control and use as sexual objects.


The desire to have sex with someone else's armpit. It is difficult to imagine how the action occurs or how it works; does imagination play a significant role in the process? Do you use lubricant? To say the least, this fetish is bizarre.


This is when someone experiences arousal from feces. Yes, people, poop! Some even want their partners to defecate on them in order to have an orgasm.


This is the sexual desire to be crawled on or nibbled on by insects like ants or other small creatures. This paraphilia frequently involves the application of insects to the genitals, but other areas of the body may be the focus as well.


This is when a person becomes obsessed with performing self-pleasure in front of a mirror. They enjoy seeing their reflections as they masturbate, it's the ultimate experience. Self-induced arousal is fairly common. Some experience it more like orientation, in that they are aroused by themselves more than by others, and these people are known as autosexuals.


The AI sex doll called "Samantha" was created for this specific group of people who have a sexual attraction to inanimate objects such as dolls and mannequins, I mean some mannequins are pretty hot.


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Do you have a sexual fetish? What is yours? Feel free to comment anonymously. We would love to hear from you.

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