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Maintaining Sex Toys

August 02, 2022 4 min read

Can you get STD from old toy?

First off, if you think you might have contracted an STD, you should immediately seek a professional as an article on the internet cannot cure you.

Sex toys can be a source of bacteria and viruses that can cause infections, both bacterial and viral. But this is not a reason to stay away from adult toys and accessories. However, you need to learn how to protect yourself and maintain your sexual health. If you don't want to get STDs from sex toys, it's essential that you know how to maintain your sex toys.

Should sex toys be cleaned after every use?

Yes, of course. But you'd think cleaning sex toys with soap and water would be good enough. Please don’t do that. It’s best to first figure out what type of material the toy is made of before starting to clean them. You can divide most sex toys into two broad categories: porous materials and non-porous materials.

Check the box or look it up online to see what kind of material your toy is made of. When it comes to cleaning porous sex toys, you should know right off the bat that while it's possible to clean them, even if you can, it might not be enough to eliminate all the germs you might want to be eliminating.

You should think about cleaning your toy before you use it, even if you are careful about cleaning your toy every time you use it. There is a chance that it could have come into contact with dirt, lint, dust, and other materials. We're pretty sure that you don't want to expose yourself to those elements, so you should wash your toy. You are able to skip this step, if you so desire. Cleaning toys before every use is a suggestion, whereas cleaning them after every use is a necessity (especially after roleplaying).

How do you take care of sex toys?

Sex toys are fun, whether you’re having fun with them, or they’re having fun on you. It's a lot of fun to play with those toys, but it's just as important to take proper care of them. These babies have great things to offer, which is why it’s important that they stay in good shape so you can use them again and again (and again).

Start with a Quality Product

When it comes to your sex life, and stuff that will be going in, out, or around your organs, it's really not a good time to be frugal. Toys of high quality could last for years, says Sex Toy Experts.

If you buy an extremely cheap toy from a no-reputation retailer, you may find they give away very quickly. That's not to say that all your gadgets will cost you a fortune. It's frightening to have a dildo break whilst in your hole. Cheaper toys could also give out a plethora of health problems, as cheaper materials interacting with your sensitive organs poses an extreme risk.

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Make a habit in cleaning them

When it comes to the care of your sex toys, you always want to be safe. Bacteria can grow if they aren't properly cleaned and dried. If the manufacturer's instructions says otherwise, make sure to clean them before and after each use with gentle antibacterial soap and water.

Using the right lube

Lube is normally recommended for using different types of sex toys, knowing which ones to use is key. Example, a silicone lubricant is great, and latex-friendly as well, but it reacts to the material of silicone toys and could melt them.

Share responsibly

If you're going to use sex toys, you should never share them. But it could happen if you're using them with a partner. To prevent transmitting STDs, it is best to clean your used items carefully and share them only with your partner.

Make sure to always sterilize your toys before and after sharing them with someone else. This includes washing it in boiling water or washing it in the top rack of the dishwasher but be careful about how you handle the toy. These methods are only acceptable for toys that do not have any mechanical/electrical parts.

Know when to toss it

If you notice signs of wear and tear on the toy, it's time to throw it out. Lower quality toys can get too hot over time, toys made out of glass or wood can start chipping, and porous, soft plastic toys can tarnish over time.

If you see any of these signs, your toys have reached their end of life and it's time to replace them. You should always use your best judgment, and don't get too attached to a particular option. You can find another one that fits all your needs.

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