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8mm Locking Eternity Day Collar Pride Jewelry Rainbow Radiance Finish - Available in Multiple Sizes

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Rainbow Powder Coated Stainless Steel Collar Neck Restraint. These include one Allen Drive Key and one set of (2) screws.

Make no illusion of restraint here, this stunning circular stainless steel collar is made to be durable, long-wearing and fastens securely and won’t come off until you say so. It is secured with a sunken allen screw that gives it a sleek, flush appearance.

Made of powder coated stainless steel in a rainbow finish, these collars match any wardrobe and adds a stylish accessory that will attract compliments when worn as jewelry. Don’t believe us? Both sides of the collar are unique. Flip the collar over for a completely different colorful look.

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*Each batch of color is hand blended therefore there can be slight differences but the attached images are very good representation of colors to expect.

*They are Safe to wear in the shower Do not wear in salt water, pools, hot tubs.

• Please note that if you are adding Stainless Steel pendants it can cause scuffing and scratching to the surface of the collar This goes for ANY metal jewelry

• Any metal constantly bumped onto or into hard surfaces will scuff, this is unavoidable with ANY metal jewelry. It is your responsibility to care for your items.
Item Specifications:

Collar Height: 8mm
Finish: Rainbow Coated Stainless Steel
Lock / Locking Positions: One Locking Position With Allen Drive Key


OPTIONAL VELVET BAG - Perfect for gifts or protecting your handcrafted collar

Matching Rainbow StainlessSteel Handcuffs also available!

Matching Rainbow Stainless Steel Ball Gag also available!


Size (Inside Circumference)