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What are Slave Collars?


The ultimate level of intimacy is essential for a healthy and romantic relationship, and that’s where BDSM comes in. People who are involved in submissive and dominating relationships would genuinely know how exotic and relevant they feel while practicing different kinks and exploring different activities with their partners. The ultimate level of intimacy is essential for a healthy and romantic relationship, and you can enhance this pleasure the most by involving Slave Collar.



When were the BDSM Slave Collars created?


BDSM Collars originated in the 16th century from the contradictory abbreviations related to bondage, discipline, and submissive and dominant roles in the bed. It also tracks back to the French Revolution, when women used to wear bondage chokers like red ribbons around their necks to represent solidarity with the fallen soldiers.



What is the Interpretation of BDSM Slave Collars?


BDSM Slave Collar is an ornament worn by a person who is submissive in a BDSM relationship. It could be in different styles, such as a simple BDSM collar or a sexy bondage choker, or maybe a Bondage collar based on the preference of the couple and the level of BDSM they’re going to.



Do Slave Collars Play an Obvious Role in BDSM Relationships?


Slave Collars symbolize and identify dedication and devotion between the partners in a BDSM relationship. It reflects the level of involvement the couple has in their intimidating moments. The submissive one in the BDSM relationship wears the slave collar to declare slavery in bed to their master.


Tips to Pick a Perfect Slave Collar


Slave Collar represents the evolving relationship between partners, so there are some aspects you must consider before choosing the best collar for you.



Slave and Bondage collars come in different materials such as metal, leather, and stainless steel, providing the customer options with many variations. The pro tip is to ensure the material is comfortable and soft on your neck.



BDSM collars are available in different sizes, such as custom-fit bondage collars with padlocks to give you the ultimate pleasure, padded leather collars which helps you to experience the heat without any discomfort, the leather studded bondage collars to make your desires come true and many others.


How To Clean Your Collar or Choker


You should always ensure your slave collar is clean to avoid any skin infections that a dirty collar can cause. Here are some points you should remember while cleaning your bondage collar or choker.


  • Always use warm water to clean the leather slave collar with mild soap.
  • Avoid any detergents or chemicals to clean your slave collar or choker.
  • Always use a clean and soft towel to dry your BDSM slave collar.
  • Never leave your collar in direct sunlight or anywhere with high temperatures.


Safety Measures


BDSM is the relationship of trust but you must take some precautions and safety measures while using a BDSM slave collar or any kind of bondage choker.


  1. You should not keep the collar too tight so you can easily breathe and move your head around.
  2. Your collar should be comfortable enough that if you are sleeping wearing it, it won’t leave any marks on your neck
  3. You should never wear your leather collar to the shower.
  4. Never pull the collar's leash with full force to avoid muscle damage.
  5. Avoid wearing your slave collar if you have rashes on your neck until they are clear.