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6mm Locking Elliptical Rainbow Anklet & Bracelet, Pride Jewelry, Multiple Sizes Available

Size Guide

New Sizes Available! Including Plus Sizes These Match our 6mm/8mm Eternity collar and our Curved Collar if you want a matching set for your pet.

Maybe Purchased as a single anklet/Bracelet or as a pair, select which option you would like in the drop down menu. Sizes can be mixed and matched when purchased as singles.

Cuff Thickness: 6mm
Finish: Stainless Steel w/ Anodized Rainbow Finish
Lock/Locking Positions: One Locking Position
Key: Two Allen Drive Keys

To measure: Wrap a flexible tape measure around you ankle above the ankle bone. Start by adding 1/4 to 1/2". Flex your foot to make sure the cuff wont bind. Most wearers usually say about 1/2" larger than your ankle measurement will be most comfortable.

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Matching Collars are available!


*Each batch of color is hand blended therefore there can be slight differences but the attached images are very good representation of colors to expect.

*They are Safe to wear in the shower Do not wear in salt water, pools, hot tubs.

* Please note that if you are adding Stainless Steel pendants it can cause scuffing and scratching to the surface of the collar This goes for ANY metal jewelry

* Any metal constantly bumped onto or into hard surfaces will scuff, this is unavoidable with ANY metal jewelry. It is your responsibility to care for your items.