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Rainbow Elliptical Leg Irons Ankle Restraint

  • $47.99

One set of Rainbow Coated Elliptical Leg Irons. These are new and include two Allen Drive Keys and two set screws.

Item Specifications:

Size: 10.5" (Inside Circumference)
Long Inside Diameter: 3.75"
Short Inside Diameter: 3.25"

Cuff Thickness: 8mm 
Finish: Rainbow Coated Stainless Steel
Lock/Locking Positions: One Locking Position
Key: Two Allen Drive Keys

Please Note: Measurements are average. Handmade items can vary up to 10% in size. 

These handcrafted item is made of Rainbow Coated Stainless Steel. It's heavy but comfortable, and a very unique addition to your collection. All items are shipped discretely in unmarked packaging.

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