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Stainless Steel Locking Elliptical Leg Irons with Allen Drive Key 898-EP

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Our Locking Bracelets and Anklets are another way to show your devotion for the times that you need the upmost discreetness. They simply appear as jewelry and no one has to know your little secert.

These maybe purchased as a single or as a pair.

Item Details:
Size: All sizes are listed by Inside Circumference
Weight: 3.3 oz (per cuff)
Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
Lock: 1 Position
Key: Allen Style, Screw Shut
Model: 898-EP-SS

These include one Allen Drive Key and an extra set of screws.
Detachable rings and extra screw sets are available for these legirons in our accessories section.

To measure: Wrap a flexible tape measure around you ankle above the ankle bone. Start by adding 1/4 to 1/2". Flex your foot to make sure the cuff wont bind.

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*They are Safe to wear in the shower Do not wear in salt water, pools, hot tubs.

* Please note that if you are adding Stainless Steel pendants it can cause scuffing and scratching to the surface of the collar This goes for ANY metal jewelry

* Any metal constantly bumped onto or into hard surfaces will scuff, this is unavoidable with ANY metal jewelry. It is your responsibility to care for your items.

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Optional Ring:

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