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The Ultimate Humbler, Ball Stretcher, Ball Press

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Have you got the balls to play with The Humbler Steel BDSM Humility Device
This deviant device is a three in one torture implement! Immobilize, torture and have them literally down on their knees begging for mercy. A ball stretcher, CBT device and restraint all in one, this versatile piece of equipment makes for a truly terrifying experience.
The Black Label Humbler Steel BDSM Humility Device features scary spikes that are designed to torture the testicles, while the solid steel ring stretches the sack for a clever combination of sadistic stimulation.

This heavy-duty humbler boasts an ergonomic hinged design that is easily fastened in place using the included Allen key and, for added security, comes with a sturdy padlock.

Fixed behind the thighs, it completely restricts movement and, in addition, features innovative eyelets on either side that can be attached to rope and other restraint systems, to ensure your slave is on complete lockdown. The precision thumbscrews ensure customized gratification, while this horrifying humbler can be used with or without the crushing plate, depending on just how naughty your slave has been. The feel of that cold steel against the skin will add to the whole experience and the weighty build enhances the restrictive feel.

Overall Diameter (1.3 inches)
Width (18.5 inches)
Color Silver Mirror Polished
Material Medical Grade Stainless Steel