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Nature's Lube: Lubricant Alternatives

September 18, 2022 3 min read

What is a safe natural lubricant?

By minimizing friction, lubricants and lubes can improve the pleasure and comfort of sexual activity. Although some alternatives are OK to employ, there are those that individuals ought to stay away from. People occasionally might not be able to find personal lubricants. In these circumstances, they could take into account different types of lubrication. But it's crucial that they pick a secure choice. This article examines the many kinds of potential natural safe lubricant substitutes and which kinds a person should stay away from.

List of possible lubrication alternatives

In the event that personal lubricants are unavailable, one of the following options could be used:

Aloe vera

Water-based aloe vera can reduce inflammation while also hydrating the skin. Its consistency makes it a suitable substitute for lubrication.

To make sure it doesn't include other components like alcohol, it is essential to verify an aloe vera product before using it as a lubricant. This is due to the possibility of genital irritation.

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt might be a good substitute lubricant. It does not dry out, has a good consistency, and is reasonably priced, according to anecdotal evidence.

Yogurt has scientifically demonstrated therapeutic capabilities for curing vaginal thrush, despite the fact that there is no study to support its usage as a lubricant.

Olive oil

Olive oil is another possible substitute for lubricant since it spreads rapidly and readily. This kind of oil can block pores and cause illness since the skin cannot readily absorb it. If someone uses olive oil as lubrication, it's crucial to completely wipe the oil off the skin afterward.

It is not suggested to use olive oil with latex condoms or other latex barrier contraceptives since it is an oil-based lubricant and may cause them to shatter.

Virgin coconut oil

Both anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects can be found in virgin coconut oil. Since most people enjoy the taste and fragrance of coconut, it might make a good alternative to lubricant.

Virgin coconut oil shouldn't be used by persons who use latex barrier methods of contraception, same how they shouldn't use olive oil.

Egg whites

According to anecdotal data, egg whites could make a good substitute for lubrication. This is due to the perception that it resembles cervical mucus in consistency. However, egg whites require a little more work to prepare than the other choices on this list.

List of alternatives to avoid

People can mistake some liquids for lubricants when they can really cause discomfort and infection. A few of these are:


Vaseline users run the risk of starting an illness. According to a study, women who use Vaseline as a lubricant are more likely to contract bacterial vaginosis. Vaseline is not recommended for penetrative or oral intercourse because it is solely intended for external usage.

Lotion and soap

Preservatives like parabens and fragrances can be found in some lotions and soaps. These can infect the genitals and irritate them. However, if the items are moderate or fragrance-free, folks can use lotion or soap as lubricant.


Butter should be refrigerated because it is a dairy product, therefore using it for sex has hazards. For instance, butter may start to decay and turn rancid if it is inserted into a vagina or anus and the area is not adequately cleaned afterwards. A bacterial proliferation may result in an infection as a result.


Some individuals may believe saliva would be an excellent lubrication substitute because it is included in oral sex. There is a chance that someone could pass or get a sexually transmitted infection, but this could start an infection.

Baby oil

The use of baby oil as a lubricant raises the possibility of infection, poisoning, and harm to barrier methods of birth control.

What is the safest lubricant to use?

Aloe vera, coconut, olive, and the other natural oil lubricants mentioned above are all excellent for vaginal massages and other forms of sexual activity. They are also safe to ingest and safe for the vagina. Whatever "component" is easiest for you to obtain or your own choice in terms of the specs you want in your lube is what you should utilize.

How do you clean lube?

You've decided on a safer alternative to lube, now you're wondering how you might clean it off. Simply wash the area with soap and warm water, but if you are unable to take a shower, wet wipes will work just fine.

Be aware that if you choose not to use wet wipes or take a shower after having sex with silicon lube, your underwear will likely be stained with the dried lube, which will be obvious to whoever does the laundry.

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