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Why Do Silicone Toys Get Sticky?

September 18, 2022 2 min read

Why does silicone get sticky?

Making reusable products to replace single-use items is a terrific use for silicone. Although silicone is safe, flexible, and light, its surfaces can get sticky. Grease or oils that are permitted to adhere to silicone surfaces can form a sticky coating that can stick to other objects or create a slippery surface. Even after washing with soap, this can still feel sticky to the touch. You must throw this away. First of all, it's nasty, and secondly, bacteria might grow there.

How do you clean silicone?

Since silicone is a non-porous material, there are three ways to clean silicone toys. Either boil it for five to ten minutes, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, or wash it in warm water and antibacterial soap. You risk destroying the vibrator mechanism if you boil silicone vibrators. Electrical parts should never be submerged in water. To clean your electric toys, use a damp washcloth and some soap, preferably antibacterial soap. Toys should be kept in a cool, dry area and in a container or pouch (to keep them clean).

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Is hydrogen peroxide safe for silicone?

You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of stains on light-colored silicone items that have darkened with time. However, using hydrogen peroxide too frequently or for too long will cause the silicone or TPE to deteriorate, shortening the lifespan of your cup.

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Can you use alcohol on silicone?

Depending on the toy, yes. Although it's absolutely fine in general, certain companies advise against using it. Therefore, make sure to review the cleaning instructions for your silicone toy. In certain circumstances, the silicone coating on the toys, rather than the silicone itself, is likely to blame. Therefore, I wouldn't advise it if your dildo has one of those incredibly silky, dust-resistant finishes (typically only seen on vibrating toys). But ordinary silicone that isn't coated shouldn't cause any issues.

How do you remove black mold from silicone?

Boil it for around ten minutes, and toss it in the dishwasher. If the mold/s is hard to get off, try scrubbing it also. And if all of these don't work, throw the toy away and buy a new one. It's really not worth exposing your sensitive organs to mold. Cuffstore has a wide range of collections of toys; BDSM gear, leg irons, jewelry, and more. Be sure to check out their collection here.