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Eternity collars are the permanent collars worn by sub in the dominant-submissive relationship. The eternity collars are never meant to take off, and the owner has the key to unlock them. These BDSM Eternity collars show commitment and can only be taken off in case of emergencies or if the couple has broken up.


What are some different styles of Eternity Collars?


Eternity collars are not supposed to be very heavy and cluttered because they are meant to wear forever. There are many different styles of eternity collars, and you can choose your perfect one based on your and your partner's preference. Some of our most popular eternity collars include: Locking Slave Eternity Collar, Thin Matte Black Eternity Collar, and Gold Stainless Eternity Collar.


Value of Eternity Collars in BDSM


Eternity collars are considered to be very serious in terms of bondage and the dominant and submissive relationships between the couple. Eternity collar is a responsibility that takes a lot of courage because then you are totally dependent on your dominant. The eternity collars hold the value of engagement or wedding rings for some couples.



How to take care of Eternity Collars?


Eternity collars are easy to maintain, and you can wear them to the shower without any worries. Similar to other slave collars, eternity collars can also be cleaned up easily by using soap. If the collar has any extra dirt, you are recommended to soak it in soap water for 15 minutes. Try not to use harsh chemicals or detergents to wash your collars. For the final touch, you can also use a little polish to refresh the look of your collar.


How to pick the suitable Eternity Collar?


Eternity collars are a quality symbol of devotion to your partner. That's why it is important to choose the most suitable collar for yourself so that you won't find difficult to wear it for the whole of eternity. Make sure your collar is lightweight and easy to carry. It is essential that your eternity collar is not too tight so it won't leave any marks on your neck. Always check the size guide before buying the eternity collar or buy the adjustable size. Choose the material which is also acceptable at your workplace so you won't have to take it off for any reason. For example, a leather eternity collar is not allowed at some workplaces. Lastly, always carry an extra key for emergency purposes.


Role of Eternity Collars in BDSM


Eternity collars are specially made for not-too-kinky looks for daily wear. Eternity collars are made with durable metal, so you can also sleep wearing them, and they won't affect your skin. Eternity collars have a significant role in BDSM Role-Playing because it shows the involvement of sub and dom in their relationship. In addition, the eternity collar reflects the value of devotion and commitment to your partner. Also, if you are not comfortable wearing the eternity collar on a permanent basis, you can always start with temporary collars such as a day collar, bondage choker, or BDSM collar.