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A day collar is a subtle collar in the BDSM relationship worn by a sub in public. The day collar has a minimal design that can often go unnoticed and doesn’t necessarily grab too much attention from people. The purpose of the BDSM day collar is to continue feeling owned throughout the day. The day collar can easily pass as a jewelry piece or necklace, and no one would ever know.



Types of Day Collars


Day collars come in various materials and types. For example, they can come in leather, metals such as gold and silver, and string. Not only that but they are commonly customized with pendants and other accessories to make them unique. Our most popular day collars are Rainbow Stainless Collar, Rose Gold Locking Slave Collar, & Stainless Steel Collar with Single Ring.




What is the role of consent in wearing the Day Collar?


Like all the other BDSM activities, the BDSM day collar has an equal value for consent. If you’re a dom and want your sub to wear a day collar in public, you must communicate with them to know if they are happy with the decision. Once your partner approves, you can choose a suitable day collar together.



What are some precautions you should consider while wearing the Day Collar?


Slave day collar plays a significant role in couples' life. It gives the feeling of love and devotion, yet there are some safety measures you should consider while wearing the day collar.


  • Always wear the day collar with an adjustable size so it won’t trouble you if you lose or gain weight.
  • Try taking off the collar for some time to let your skin breathe so you won’t get rashes.
  • Always choose the material for the comfortable day collar, whether stainless steel or leather.
  • Finally, keep your collar clean and sanitize it to avoid skin infection.




1. What is the purpose of the Day Collar?

     A:  A Day collar can be any subtle necklace or a piece of jewelry worn by a sub in public that’s not evident and noticeable by people.

 2. What does being collared reflect?

     A:  Being collared in the BDSM relationship shows the commitment and devotion of the couple involved in the dominant and submissive relationship.

3. Where to buy authentic Day Collars?

     A: You can buy authentic and high-quality collars from us.



Day collar is the relationship symbol in BDSM relationships that's why you should take your time before choosing the right collar for yourself. Communication is the key between dominant and submissive relationships. It is more fun when you choose the right day collar with your partner that's why also communicate with your partner about their preferences. Always choose the day collar, you can find emotional value to for the feeling of being belonged or being owned.

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