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What is Vaginal Play?

Vaginal play is sexual play that you can practice alone or with your partner. It can be done for masturbation and foreplay and also be used as a restraint. Vaginal play can include some BDSM practices based on your and your partner’s preference. 

How to get started?

Vaginal play involves another level of pleasure, and if you’re looking for tips to get started, you are at the right place. Always start with setting a romantic mood such as  turning down lights, lighting some candles, and adding music to the background.  Let yourself or your partner start touching you for the warm-up, and some lubricant can always help for smooth arousal. Discuss with your partner the kinds of thigs you want from vaginal play, vaginal hook? vaginal clamp? forced orgasm?

Benefits of Vaginal Play

Vaginal play can work great for BDSM play. If you are in a dom and sub relationship, you can also involve some adult toys for maximum pleasure. There are also some special benefits that will make you more interested in vaginal stimulation. The vaginal play feels good, and it also helps you discover more about the kinks that turn you on. You can also do a vaginal play with yourself without any partner, and there are no downsides to it. Vaginal play releases sexual tension in your body.

What kind of sex toys you can use during Vaginal Play?

There are many adult toys you can use during vaginal play. You can also pair up the vaginal accessories with different sex toys such as bondage collars, spreader bars  and others. Other vaginal toys include silicone dildo with suction cup, stainless vaginal anal hook) and G-spot vaginal wand

Safety Precautions while practicing Vaginal Play

Vaginal play is usually safe and you don’t have to worry about the precautions very much but make sure not to use any object or toy with sharp edges that will end up hurting you. Make sure you both already have a safe word that you can use to stop your partner in between. Sanitize your stainless steel toys after using by boiling.


Different techniques and tricks you can use for Vaginal Play during BDSM

Vaginal play in BDSM gets alot of attention and it can turn on you and your partner. There are many things you can experiment with during vaginal play such as hot and cold, applying impact play on the vulva such as spanking, biting, squeezing and piching. 


Vaginal play can be fun and pleasurable when paired with bondage gear.