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Rigid Spreader Bar Stocks Pranger Bar Neck to Wrist Cangue KB-223

Size Guide
Rigid Spreader Bar Stocks - Antique Replica Wrist Neck Restraint. This item opens with an allen style key and locks into one rigid locking position.

Neck and Wrist Metal Height:1.5"
Metal Bar Height: 1"
Bar Length (Neck to Wrist): 9.5" / 24.13 cm

This screw style key is not a standard handcuff key and will only work with this lock. 

All items are shipped discretely in unmarked packaging.

PLEASE NOTE:Measurements are average. Handmade items can vary up to 10% in size.

Finish: Stainless Steel

Lock/ Locking Positions: Allen Style, 1 Rigid Position, Screw Shut

Key: One Allen Style Key

This item ships to USA, Canada and Australia Only