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An anal plug is an adult toy used to prepare your body for anal sex. You can also be creative with an anal plug and use it for different purposes based on your preferred kinks and bondage activities.

Why do we use Anal Plug?

Anal plugs can be used for many purposes, and anal sex is also one of them. Also, the primary purpose of an anal plug is to achieve maximum pleasure. Anal plug also helps you to achieve the anal orgasm, which is the next level. You can get creative with the anal plug and try the BDSM kinks you and your partner have.

Safety Measures for using the Anal Plug

Similar to butt plugs and penis plugs, the anal plug is also designed keeping safety in mind of the couples. Meanwhile, you should keep some tips and points in mind to ensure safety without taking any chances. 

  1. Regarding anal play, lube should be your priority as it helps the process.
  2. Always wash your plugs before and after using them to avoid infection.
  3. Make sure you do not have hemorrhoids or anal infection before inserting the anal plug
  4. Do not leave the anal plug inserted for the longest time.  

Types of Anal Plugs

Anal plugs are available in different types and made from different materials. You can choose the most suitable one based on your preference and comfort. Anal plugs often come in stainless silver, plastic, and other materials. Some of the recommended anal plugs are surge bi-polar prostate stimulatorlocking anal spreader, and pony play horse tail.

How to use Anal Plug?

Using the anal plug for the first time can be a little stressful, but if you put your body to ease, you are going to enjoy it the most. Here are some topics you should consider while using any kind of vaginal and anal plug. First of all, start with some foreplay, it will help you to release your tense muscles. Apply lube on your anus and plug for easy insertion. Press the tip of the plug against your anus and insert it gradually. Do not worry if it doesn't go on the first attempt. Take a deep breath and try again after being relaxed.

Communication and Consent while using Anal Plug

While using any kind of plug, make sure you have your partner's complete consent with each activity or kink you are planning to do during BDSM play. Discuss the type of anal plug you want to start with, and also discuss your limitations and expectations. Always decide on your safe word so your partner can use it to stop you if they feel uncomfortable at any step. 

FAQs about Anal Plugs

  1. Are anal plugs safe?

A: Yes, all the plugs are made keeping safety in mind for comfortable use.

  1. How to clean your anal plugs?

A: Anal plugs can be cleaned with some soap and warm water. Try using a soft towel to dry them.

  1. Where to find reliable anal plugs?

A: You can get good quality and reliable anal plugs from